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Whenever I try to use the Auto Analysis in Mission Planner (tried 1.3.27, and whatever comes before 1.3.27) the Planner immediately goes into "not responding" state and gets stuck there. I have tried this on two different computers with same results and waited around 20min max. Tried both .BIN and .log files, .BIN is around 65mb. What am I doing wrong?

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I don't have a 65MB file to test, but smaller files ~10MB work.  Please try with a smaller file.  Perhaps we have reached an upper limit

Yes, smaller files do work. I didn't have many files to test right now, but 40MB doesn't work either. 10MB is a pretty short flight (at least with a plane) with Pixhawk default log settings. Maybe some kind of error message would do better than nothing :)

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