Hi Folks,

In Radio calibration i am being able to use only two modes, one of which is flight mode 6 which cant be changed from manual. Is there any way, i could make extra flight modes with the transmitter. i use a 9cap transmitter with APM 2.5.

Another issue is, in "Auto" mode the APM responds to any change in roll to right and similarly the APM responds to pitching up alone. It is not responding to left roll and pitch down. But in "stabilise" mode, APM is responding correctly.

Please help,

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Hi Bill,

Thanks for the help,

I had a problem with the elevons as said earlier, then i played with the check boxes for elevon reversals in the radio calibration page. Then i got the control surfaces to move correctly.

The problem is the GCS tuning page is showing up alternate responses to the physical control movements. for ex: whn i pitch up my elevators go down to counter it, but in my GCS it shows ch1 out and ch2 out sending signals in opposite directions.

Pls help

I haven't setup elevon mixing mode myself. There's this in the wiki http://code.google.com/p/ardupilot-mega/wiki/APM2ReversingTop

Maybe a screen shot of what you are seeing will help?


For elevons it is perfectly normal to pitch by turning the 2 servos in opposite directions. Because they are built in reverse of each other, the control surfaces will move the same way..



Hi Soren,

Thanks for the help, i am quite new to this. so i was flummoxed when the signals were berserk. Now i sorted that out. Its respnding very well in stabilize mode.

And in Auto mode, my APM only responds to pitch and roll in a single direction.i.e.when APM is pitched up, the control surfaces go down to stabilize the plane,but when it is pitched down, the control surfaces do not respond.

Same thing with roll also, currently APM is being tested on the bench.

Thanks again for the help.

Tomorrow i am going flying.

Hi Bill,

Thanks for the quick reply, i sorted that out. Can you help me with the problem in Auto mode.

In Auto mode. APM responds to any change in roll to right and similarly the APM responds to pitching up alone. It is not responding to left roll and pitch down. But in "stabilise" mode, APM is responding correctly.


Yeah I heard others say that too. I have not yet tried newer versions.



Try testing with FBW-A and see the behaviour. The problem with AUTO for bench testing is that the plane is heading to a waypoint. It may think bank right is correct or whatever. FBW modes work by you asking the APM to fly the plane, via stick inputs, so are a good test if its setup right. 

You can easily switch from FBW-A back to STAB if it's not working.

See http://code.google.com/p/ardupilot-mega/wiki/StartingArduPilotMega

Hi Bill,


I tested out the APM in the weekend, the first flight went down when it was in manual mode even before the stabilise mode is switched on. the second flight went well in stabilise mode and i adjusted the gains in the air to stabilise it even better and it did work. And it flew very well.


Then we had a battery drain, so we had to pack up, when we flew the next day, the aircraft went upto 450 metres from the GCS and we lost radio control and had a nasty crash which broke the airframe however the APM and other electronics are safe. When we investigated, the receiver in the plane was not working after a range of 200 meters when connected along with the APM in manual mode, then we removed APM out of the loop and did the same test and it was working well even after a range of 200 meters. 


Could there be interference between the 3DR 915 MHz radio and the futaba receiver (72 MHz) in the plane ? or was the APM interfering with the radio signals. And i use a Turnigy 9cap transmitter.


Please help.

I answered here 

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