Auto mode take off = flip forward every time

Finally decided to play around with auto mode and waypoints today. If i take off manually, then switch to auto mode when it is in the air, my Y6 perfectly goes from waypoint to waypoint, lands etc..

Unfortunately, anytime i try to auto take off, as soon as I give it some throttle, my Y6 literally just flips over forward as if only the rear motors are spinning up. I'm not even sure where to start to find out why I am having this behavior.  Does anyone know what could be causing something like this?



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  • There is a parameter that gives the desired height to be achieved before moving on - have you maybe set that to zero ?


    Option Alt Lat Lon
    N/A Altitude (meters) N/A N/A
    • Will cause the craft to take off and hold position until the altitude is reached.
  • This has happened to me also. My guess is that the copter is trying to head toward the first waypoint before it is off the ground. Try auto takeoff with WP1 close to home.
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