I plan to install my APM1 onto a flying wing and now I have a question regarding auto takeoff.

As I understand, autotakeoff is only available in auto mode.

I plan to use it as a help for throwing the plane. I want to setup a mission that only has 1 command and that is take off.

Then I could switch to auto mode and throw the plane. The APM should stear the plane to the desired altitude or till I switch to another fligthmode to take over control.

This would be a nice when launching a plane by throwing it and have only 1 hand at the remote control.

Does this work? Has anyone tried this or is anyone using this procedure for launching a plane?

Kind regards


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If this works, another idea would be to make a mission with 3 commands.

1. take off to 20m

2. loiter 20 seconds

3. land

On the field I could switch to auto and throw the plane. then, after it reached 20m it begins to loiter. As soon as it loiters, I switch to manual or any other flightmode, where I can fly around.

When I want to land, I switch back to auto and it should continue the mission, what means, it has to land.

If that would work it would be a great help for a beginner, for the coomplicated parts are start and landing.

Could it be possible that this works like I described it?

Kind regards


After takeoff the plane

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