Auto-tracking gimbal for aerial action shots.

Hi guys,

I'm Neil - thanks a lot for reading my post! I hope some of you out there are as obsessed with aerial filming as I am because I wanted to get your thoughts on something I've been working on.

I found that keeping my drone camera framed well and creating cinematic movements was really hard for me, especially while filming something in motion. So I built a small device that plugs into any drone and assists the camera operator. The box has a super powerful computer that actually takes your camera feed and runs advanced machine vision software to "track" any subject. All you have to do is click on random subjects on a phone or tablet touch screen, set a composition and the gimbal automatically keeps your subject in frame no matter how you fly.

Here's my site:

I've been reaching out to the community to understand whether this is something aerial photographers and cinematographers would be interested in and I'd love to get your thoughts on it. Have you had issues filming tracking shots before ? and do you think Vertical can help ?

Thanks a lot for your feedback guys!


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  • here's a picture and demo video of Vertical 1 for your reference because I wasn't able to add them to the post.


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