Today I was trying to use the "Auto WP" tool in Mission Planner 1.2.35 on an APM 2.5 today.  I have the mission planner displaying measurements in feet not meters.  However when I create auto way points by using the AUTO WP tool, the heights above ground are displayed in meters.  So I switched the APM to auto mode after taking off in manual mode but the aircraft descends.  The strange thing is that I can manually create a similar flight plan using the manual mode and the aircraft follows the way points and altitudes just fine.

Could it be that the way point altitudes are actually in feet?  For example I had the Flight Planner of the mission planer with a default altitude of 500 feet, but when I create the auto waypoints the Alt is displayed as 152.  So because 152 meters is close to 500 feet, I assumed that the 152 being displayed is actually meters.  Because each time the aircraft began to rapidly descend when I switched to AUTO mode, I did not take a chance to see if it would level off at 152 feet or not.

So, what am I missing here?

Thank you.

Bret C 

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    Today I confirmed that there is a bug in the auto WP (Waypoint) feature.  In the MP 1.2.35 when using the AUTP WP feature for creating grids or lawnmower patterns.  I have the MP set up to read in feet and the Default Alt set to 500, HOWEVER when the auto waypoints are created their altitude is displayed as 152.  I assumed that there was a problem with the displayed altitude,  indicating 152 meters when in reality it was 500 feet.  WRONG!  It is actually 152 FEET!  

    How can this be added to fixes?  Can someone please confirm that it is on a list to be corrected?

    Thank you.

    Bret C

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