Autoland work around

I have been working with the autoland feature with my Newskywalker with no success. I'm using APM 2.0 with 2.69 firmware and the latest MP

My problem is the plane will maintain the second last way point altitude until it reach the last way point (Autoland) For example, if I set the second last way point altitude to 30 M, then the plane will maintain 30 M right up to the last way point then shut throttle, and start gliding down. I suppose it should start gliding down from the second last way point gradually until it reach the final way point with zero altitude.

Today I try a work around method and finally get it down automatically. I simply add a way point just in front of the autoland way point. The altitude was set to 5 M. Now it will glide beautifully and hit that 5 M altitude way point. From there it shut off the throttle, maintain level and touch down without any problem. 

It seems like not everyone having the same problem as mine. Some had been found success with the autoland command. I don't know if I have miss out some important things regarding the set up of autoland, or it is a bug of the APM or MP or even if it is related to the notebook I'm using. 

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  • Hello Keeyen,

    I don't know if I understood!

    Did you simply create an WP with 5m alt, AFTER the last WP (which is land)?

    Like this: WP30 - Land ---> WP31 - 5m Alt.

    Because, I did trying few times, create 4 or 5 the last WP, decreasing Alt, until 3m, but not worked... Plane just pass through WP, leveled etc.

    I use APM2, 2,68, and MP 1.36. I didn't has airspeed/pitot sensor.

    Could you please, just post here your WP txt file or tlog to me analyse it?

    Thanks so much, and regards!

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