Autonomous Quadcopter with obstacle avoidance and path planning

Hello everyone,

I'm pretty much a beginner to robotics and I really need some expert advice before I attempt anything and waste my money and time.

I would like to make a quadcopter, with a real-time camera, that can detect objects and plan routes (pathfinding with obstacle avoidance). In simple terms, I want to make an autonomous quadcopter.

1. Are there any inexpensive kits or parts that are recommended for quadcopters? At this stage, the most I require is 4 brushless dc motors (approx. 2300Kv), speed controllers, sturdy frame and propellers, radio transmitter for a prototype of the thing before attempting autonomy and a heavy duty battery of possibly 16000mAh and acceptable discharge. This is where my knowledge of typical components extends to. Can anyone knowledgeable recommend me good specs for the components I need for the job I want to get done?

2. How could I achieve autonomy on the device where it would detect obstacles and find its way to a given GPS coordinate? I heard about PX4, but I want to build the software mostly myself so I can deliver it as a project. Would you suggest me to use (Tensorflow, OpenCV, etc) to do that? and what controller would do the job (Arduino, R-pi, etc.) - I would like the real-time object detection on the controller itself. Is there any documentation/tutorial doing that?

3. How can I then make it plan a route to take on its own with GPS? Essentially what I need is a controller with a GPS feature.

4. Can I do all the above under $200? What is your suggested approach, where should I start?

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