Did the first autopilot flight this morning :) With all that stuff in the nose the CG is a handful.

The return to launch works perfectly, the roll control is about spot on with PID default setting, pitch is a bit out but not to bad.

Waypoint mode did not work, it just flew in circles, still have to troubleshoot that. One thing I noticed with the latest HappyKillmore Config tool, is that the Altitudes for waypoints reverts to 45.72 when saving and then loading the Mission.

Sarel Wagner

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Hi Greg,

From Groengoud.


In Google earth 28.0941752918418,-25.83019635323313
Checked the Waypoint and RTL modes on the AP, LEDs respond as they should, now wondering why the waypoint mode did not fly the pattern?

Sarel Wagner
Well done Sarel, its very cool first time ;-)
Great first flight !, RTL could be fixed by recording telemetry, then analyzing data stream, I added PSP, pitch_set_point to data stream to figure out what was going on in my UAV. I also record every flights video, some times both forward and side views. Good luck. I also have a data logger but have not used it yet.

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