• Thank you friends, It was very helpful for me. Cheers!!!!

  • the control is necessary for activate the autonomous control ? 

  • My system needs a manual flight mode for safety.  I don't have to hold the transmitter, but I do need some way to change flight modes in the air with a long range proven link.   I use my radio to switch to RTL flight mode when the telemetry gets out of range or the MavLink has a problem.  My control radio is far more stable and longer range than my MavLink radio.

  • Yes. I built a PixHawk/APM powered Hex copter at work for a project using nothing but COTS components. Last few flights I completely weened it off RC control. The Arming procedure using a PC gamepad is a bit precarious with the spring centered "throttle" stick, but otherwise a perfectly fine setup. I flew waypoints and pilot-in-loop maneuvers using just a laptop, gamepad, and data link radios. The RC receiver on the bird was disconnected. 

    The same should be capable using a Tablet running Tower or Droid Planner as well.

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