AvrMiniCopter - Linux based controller project

Hello Everyone,

I want to share a project I have been working on for the last year. It is a quadcopter controller with full Linux support (maintained using buildroot)

This means:

  • full networking support (Wifi, Bluetooth)
  • use scripting or any programming language you want
  • SSH, Busybox, and hundreds of other tools
  • compile your own additional tools 
  • video4linux/camera (when using capable board - i.e. Odroid-W or RPi)
  • anything else Linux supports

The controller's features currently are:

  • Support for quadcopters in X configuration of any size
  • 2 fly modes - Auto-level & Acro
  • Altitude hold
  • learner mode (attach 2 controller simultaneously - one for the teacher and one for the learner)
  • fast (boot time of around 2-3sec)
  • WWW configurable (i.e. you can adjust anything using your phone in the field)
  • Camera support for taking pictures and videos
  • Live and Offline log charting (vibrations, quaternions, altitude, etc)
  • Out of box bluetooth (PAN) and WIFI connectivity for receiving flight logs, accessing the file system (NFS and SSH), browsing videos and pictures
  • Endlessly and easily extensible

The setup is relatively simple and includes 2 boards - AVR board (like Arduino Pro Mini) and SPI capable SBC (like Odroid W or RPi) wired together using SPI.

With the software provided the setup is of plug-and-play and you can control your quadcopter using PS3 controller or via network.

See the wiki for more information.

Sources: https://github.com/rpicopter/AvrMiniCopter
Wiki: https://github.com/rpicopter/AvrMiniCopter/wiki
Precompiled images: https://github.com/rpicopter/AvrMiniCopter-images

If you passionate about linux and quadcopters than this is something you should try! :)

Let me know if you have any questions.






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  • I see your vedio fly on altitude mode very good. Perface.


  • I read this.
    Q: How do I connect over bluetooth
    AvrMiniCopter implements Bluetooth PAN networking.
    For security reasons you will need to enter your client device MAC address into /etc/wireless/pin
    Reboot and retry.

    I want to know how to edit /etc/wireless/pin?
    And what wifi usb you use?

    • I would suggest to hold of for a week before buying it. I'm still testing it and should have results next week.
      • Ok...Thank you. I will test compile your code.

    • Hi,

      To edit the /etc/wireless/pin you have 2 options:

      - take the SD card and plug it to a different computer to edit this file

      - use a serial connection to your RPi: http://elinux.org/RPi_Serial_Connection

      I do not have RTL8188CUS to test. 

      I have used atheros AR9271, realtek RTL8187L and ralink rt5370 which i am currently evaluating.

  • Yes I plug wifi dongle and reboot quadcopter but still can't found Ad-Hoc hotspot appear.

    I check with lsusb command it show this RTl8188CUS 802.11n.

    I can dmesg.

    Thank you.

  • How to connect over wifi?
    I can't scan found Ad-Hoc hotspot of rpicopter.

    I use this usb wifi.

This reply was deleted.