"Bad Gyro Health" apm 2.6 mega

i'm not sure exactly where to post this but I hope someone can help me.  I purchased the APM 2.6 Mega with Ublox GPS (with compass), minum osd, 3dr power module, and telemetry from Readytoflyquads.com. 

I have setup the board and run Mission Planner wizard with no problems.  I calibrated and leveled my accelerometers and Mission Planner showed the artificial horizon as level as long as I don't move the board.  When I do move the board the horizon on the computer responds correctly to my movements but when I place it back on the table the horizon continues to move as far as 60 degrees back and forth until I unplug the board.  I also occasionally get a "bad gyro health" error.  

I have uploaded a video to Youtube which can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxJBEwjVpVo

If someone could please look at it and see if I am doing something wrong I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.


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  • Hi Jamie.  Sorry, but your video is marked 'private'.  It could be a bad 3v regulator.  Try reviewing these threads and performing this test.

    • Thanks,  I just changed the video to unlisted so it should be viewable.  But I did follow the test and it seems as thought I do have a blown regulator as I am measuring 5v instead of 3.3.  The board is brand new bought through Ready to fly quads, Do you think that this problem is covered under warranty or is it user error?  I never had the JP 1 jumper installed or pins soldered to the JP1 location.  

      • Sorry to hear that.  It's been happening to a LOT of people for no apparent reason so I would definitely think this a warranty issue.  

        • I spoke to the seller and he is going to send me another 3.3v regulator to solder onto the board.  Do you know if anyone has found out if the blown regulator damages the rest of the components?  The board is brand new and never flown but I am concerned that running the gyro, barometer, and other components at 5 volts may have caused damage that will only present itself later while I am flying.

          I have no problem resoldering the regulator if it has been confirmed that it will truly fix the problem and has not damaged any other components.  

          I appreciate your help. 

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Dec 3, 2020