Bad Gyro Health Pre-Arm Check

I have cleared my EEPROM and am trying to do a clean update to ArduCopter 3.1.2 for my Quad.  I am using the wizard to go through the initial setup process.  Everytime I get to the Accel Calibration, I start to have problems...

Whenever I am asked to put the APM on its left side, as I start to turn the quad, I get a "Bad Gyro Health" announcement through Mission Planner (using latest and greatest MP build).  I am able to complete the Accel Calibration, but when I get to the pre-arm check step, I am unable to arm due to the Bad Gyro Health.  

After I complete the wizard, I have tried to re-do the accel calibration individually but I get the same response.  When I am prompted to put APM on left side, I get the bad gyro health message immediately.

Also, when I look at the HUD display it has a warning saying "Bad Gyro Health".

I have an APM 2.5 w/ internal compass and external GPS.

Any help on what could be causing this problem and possible solutions would be much appreciated.



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              • Well, 3Dr have told me my unit (bought/replaced in July last year) is out of warranty. So no replacement there. Looks like I need to replace it, but 3DR's shipping is just ridiculous, so looks like I'll be going with a clone.

                Interesting side note: In operation right now, I have 5 APMs. 3 are from 3DR, 2 are clones. The clones are the only ones working...

    • Hi Chirag,

      i got since a two days the same proplem withe the 'bad gyro health', have u had a solotion on this?



  • same problem, with a brand new one from HK,,,, but I am not sure it was so new when I received it. The fact is that setup is OK but when I move the board 4 o 5 times I loose the horizontal line, It stay like 45 degrees on the side. I decide not to buy APM to HK... too fast to loose the drone....

  • I was able to find this article about a blown 3.3V regulator. Although it provides some ways that the regulator can burn out, I didnt think that I did any of those.

    Anyone else come across this problem? Did they fix it by relaxing the regulator?
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