Hi All,

I recently was flying my Tarot 650 with APM fw 3.2.1

As I was about to land going from LOITER to ALT_HOLD, soon after ALT_HOLD we set - the copter went full throttle and spun around crashing - luckily on a skid damaged and 3 props.

I checked out the log and found the error 18 / 2 - Barometer glitch.  Looking into the log I found the Barometer went from 32C temp to 314C, corresponding to a HUGE pressure change... but why....?

See photo and also logs.

Note:  My transmitter was running low (rookie mistake from someone flying for 2 years) but I recently upgraded my Turnigy's stock Rx/Tx to FrSky - which probably uses more power than stock and hence I wasn't aware of this, until now.  That said, I did have a Throttle failsafe set and maybe for a split second the throttle signal was lost (quad only about 10 ft high, 20 feet from me) and RTL kicked in, but so abruptly it lost control...

Any help would be appreciated - thanks in advance!


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