Barometric Pressure Sensor

In the ArduCopter manual it notes that "Because the APM 2.5 board does not have a daughterboard covering the barometric pressure's important that the board be mounted in an enclosure to protect the sensor from airflow, which can badly throw off the altitude readings"


Does anyone know if the the APM Case sold at DIY Drones is effective at solving this issue?

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  • Other thing to remember is that the Barometric Pressure Sensor is light sensitive.

    If you move through shadows you will see the copter change by about 5 feet!

    Forgot to mention...If you have direct sun light on it.


  • What ever happened to the APM 2.5 case. I thought it was going to be available by this time. The 2.0 case won’t work with 2.5 boards.

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