Hello guys,

this is my first thread or discussion and I would like to introduce myself first.

i graduated 3 years ago with a bachelor degree in aerospace engineering, my final design project was a UAV, but it was only the airframe and structure itself without the avionics.

we planned that the UAV was to be used for highway patrol and monitoring.

So now i am thinking seriously about building one but since am a beggener I would like to start step by step and not jump right to video, downlink ... etc.

I want to learn how to build a UAV that goes from point A to point B and back to point A and so on. I would be glad also if anyone can tell me what are the componants of a basic UAV system like the one i just mentioned? for example, GPS, Autopilot ... etc.

I fly RC planes and currently have 2 rc planes, one that is almost 3 meter span and another one almost 1 meter span.

any help is greatly appreciated,
Ahmed H.

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Were you here:


I think you should wait for the documentations of the open source SLUGS autopilot, that seems sophisticated enough to match your design: http://www.diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/slugs-autopilot-soon-to-become
Would you give the characteristics of your design?
no i wasn't there.

the only problem that I will face with SLUGS is coding, I have no knowledge about coding or programming. I only had a C++ course at the Univ. but thats it. any links tutorials in this matter will be great.

and about the design characteristics I cant remember it right now all the info. is at home but once i get back home, i'll post the info and details.
here are the characteristics of the plane:

cruise speed: 85 mph
gross takeoff weight: 304 lbs
empty weight: 213 lbs
wing span: 17.4 ft
taper ratio: 0.45
aspect ratio: 6.78
Range: 400 n.mile

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