Ive been thinking of bigger batteries could u use a lipo drill battery they are made for heave use and high discharge rate.. I have an 18 v could u put a risistor on the positive side to limit out put to 11v. ANY thoughts for my crazy random thought?

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Really bad idea, the resistor will give different volt drops at different currents am so your voltage will not be 11v or anywhere near. The heat produced will be lost energy and the batteries are heavy for the capacity. Sorry. For that . No offence intended
None taken it was just a thought

18V is close to a 4S LiPo's voltage, you could configure your aircraft for 4S rather than 3S, sometimes just a prop change would do it?

Drill batteries however are usually Li-Ion (eg. 2800mAh 18650 cells) rather than LiPo and they are relatively heavy and also have a relatively low energy density compared to the best Li-Ion's or even the best LiPo's.

I have made my official desion on my next build and have ordered frame at least for a mantis x8 what would be recommend to power such a monster I don't think a 5500mah lipo is going to do much for this build and really could use a bit of advice I found a man who has built one and his constant struggle is always power related

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