Hi all im still new at this making drones thing but i just wanted to ask everyones opinion on my drone to see if there is something im doing wrong.

ok so to start with i have the

 Flywheel 550mm frame

 Turnigy 35 amp 100kv motors x6 with 10x4.7 proppellers

 Turnigy 40 amp speed controllers x6

 DJI Naza M V2 main controller with PMU and compass

 FrSky x8r reciever and FrSky Taranis transmitter

 Turnigy 3 cell 4000mAh 30-40C batteries x4 in parrallel (i dont charge them in parrallel)

 and retractable landing gear. (unsure of the brand)

So i had that set up for a while and it seemd to work ok, had about 10 mins of flying time, and a couple of weeks ago i decided i wanted to make things a bit more interesting so i decided to add to the set up.

i added:

 DJI Data link

 DJI BTU module


 and DJI H43D gimble

 Now i have added these things i cant get any flight time. Every time i fly it i get about 3 metres in the air and im out of charge in my batteries but the thing is when i go to charge my batteries they are still at 12.3-12.5V. is there something wrong with my set up or my batteries?

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  • When choosing components for your project you must first use a program like to estimate the performance of the system and provide predictions of the flight time, current, throttle at hover, and much more.  It sounds like you currently just have to much weight.

    I expect the additional weight has caused an increase in the current required to hover and this has increased the voltage lag under load, triggering the battery failsafe.  When your actually flying the voltage drops as the current increases, its the voltage during the peak current load that limits your flight time.  Depending on your batteries and current you may have 1.5v drop during operation compared to when you land and check the voltage.  Log files can verify this.

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