Battery failsafe will not come in.

I set my battery failsafe to RTL at 14.1 volts.  Left my quad in loiter and the voltage drops below 13.6 and it does not come out of loiter. APM 3.0  I rechecked it 3 times.  I got a RTL with the mAh setting but when I removed it and set up the low voltage it doesn't work.  Anyone seen this?

Thanks for any help. 

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  • I have seen something similar, in my case it finally did switch to Land mode but there was enough power to land it.
  • Reinstalled mission planner.  Went thru start up wizard it  still will not initiate a failsafe and RTL from loiter mode.  I'm using a taranis with teensy to see the actual voltage.  Worked on this for another 3 hours this evening.  I'm out of ideas.

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