i am building uav for the first time and i dont know much types and brands of battery. please help me select a battery that can give 30 min of flight time with 55A of max currnt draw. this current draw is the total current consumption of my electronic equipments (motor, reciever, servos, camera, av transmitter, gps, imu etc).

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  • Both of the answers above are correct, but the question is flawed.
    We need to know your hover amp draw to guess at your flight time. This is difficult since your hover amp draw will increase with weight. Try flying your copter with as much weight as you feel is comfortable, and record the hover amp draw at that weight. Then it's easy to find how many mAh equates to that weight and we can then see if that gets you 30mins.
  • Hi, Zeeshan,

    I have found a good description of working with LiPo batteries at http://www.rchelicopterfun.com/rc-lipo-batteries.html.

    Graham gave you a literal answer to your question, but to get 30 minutes of flight time you will need a well tuned configuration and a lot of battery power.  To get the 34,400mAh that Graham quoted out of a LiPo battery is going to require a number of batteries in parallel.  As an example let's say you go with a 4s 40C 5000mAh batteries to power your craft.  You would need seven (7) of them in parallel which will get you to 35,000mAh.  That will probably be about 500grams * 7, or about 3.5Kg (8lbs) of battery alone.  You are then going to need to size your motors and props to lift all that battery as well as the weight of the rest of the air frame, electronics, and controls.

    In the example, I listed 4s 40C batteries, but you will almost undoubtedly be going with 6s batteries for the amount of weight you will be lifting, and note that 6s batteries will be even heavier than 4s.

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    You'll need 34400mAh @ 55A for 30 minutes

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