Would a Rhino 2350mAh
3S 11.1v 20C
Lipoly Pack be an equal replacement for a
Word 12"">Turnigy
2200mAh 3S 11.1v 20C Lipo Pack
? They have the same specs but one looks like it may give me slightly more run time correct?

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Yes, but only slightly. The dimensions and weight may also differ. Most importantly look at the price. More often than not, i have found that the Rhino branded batteries from Hobbycity vs their Turnigy brand is more expensive although they might have a little bit better QC and performance over time.

Just have a look at both... For the rest, they're both good. Just use a semi descent charger to charge them.
The rhino has 2350 mAh of capacity and weighs 205 g, that's 11.46 mAh/g. The turnigy has 2200 mAh and weighs just 185 g, which gives it a slightly better capacity/mass ratio of 11.90 mAh/g. Probably not important for a fixed wing plane, but in a heli the rhino would actually be considered worse. But only very slightly. They're pretty much equal as far as the specs go. What really sets them apart is the 1:2 price ratio.
yep they would be same but price ? would make some difference

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