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Hi guys-

I'm new around here and learning tons by reading your wisdom on these message boards.

I need help understanding which rating of battery I should use for my quad. Right now, with everything except the APM and battery mounted, I'm weighing in at about 950 grams. I am using Turnigy SK3 2826 1130 (10A) motors with 15A ESCs, and will go to 20A ESCs in the near future. I will also add FPV gear and telemetry when I can afford it.

My quad is going to be used primarily in an autonomous flight mode, hovering or flying waypoints. It is not for aggressive or acrobatic flying. I am looking for endurance and reliability with this build. As such, I am wondering what type of Lipo would be best for me.

Even as an Aerospace Engineering student, I am a little confused by all the specs Lipos have. Because I am going for "slow and steady" flight and endurance, I imagine I do not need too much burst power. I also know (I think) that the motors require 4000mAh total, so the mAh and C ratings must equal out to at least 4000mAh. 

1. Am I thinking about this correctly?

2. Can a Lipo fry a motor or ESC if the rating is too high, or does something prevent that?

3. Does a bigger mAh necessarily mean more endurance with the appropriate C rating?

4. Is there any advantage or disadvantage to a 3s vs a 4s Lipo?

Thanks in advance-


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  • 3D Robotics

    "burst power" is related to the current rating. Modest rating are 30c. Higher current ratings are 40c and above

    4s batteries have higher voltage and a more "lively" performance. If you want something more sedate, go for 3s

    For a standard sized quad, I think 4000mAh is overkill. Try something closer between 2600 or 3200. No need to carry more weight than you need.

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