I'm running APM 2.11 on a newly built ArduPilotMega with IMU shield.I have a 3s lipo battery pack that is being monitored by APM (with 3.9k resistors installed in the voltage divider).When I use APM terminal (via USB), test] battery returns...1;8.35 2:4.14 3:12.57 4:0.00USB voltage measured 4.96 volts when the above readings were taken.Then I hooked up my ESC and Xbees for telemetry.ESC output is 5.02 volts while powering APM+IMURunning HappyKillmore's GS, battery voltage is reported as 13.31 volts (instead of the expected 12.57 volts).QGroundControl also reports that battery = 13.31 voltsThe small difference of Vcc between USB versus ESC power does not seem to be nearly enough to account for this difference.Where should I be looking?

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    When powering from the USB I believe there is some on board protection circuitry that is probably dropping some voltage....
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Aug 25