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Hi all , i have little doubt in changing GPS Baud rate. Currently its working in binary SIRF protocol in 57600 baud rate.. I would like to change it into 19200 baudrate. So i made few changes in 2.0.1 code and tested it but failed to get the GPS lock. What could be the reason.......Changes i made were:1. byte gps_buffer[100]={0x24,0x50,0x53,0x52,0x46,0x31,0x30,0x30,0x2C,0x30,0x2C,0x31,0x39,0x32,0x30,0x30,0x2C,0x38,0x2C,0x31,0x2C,0x30,0x2A,0x33,0x39,0x0D,0x0A};// change the buffer with 19200 instead of 57600 and change the Checksum value also2. Serial.begin(19200); //Universal Sincronus Asyncronus Receiveing Transmiting in init_gps()3. Serial.begin(19200); // in fastinit_gps()I cant get the GPS LOCK . I send the command at 4800 BR=> $PSRF100,0,19200,8,1,0*39but cant get the GPS LOCK what else i have to change?.

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    I already answered you by PM (you need to program the GPS module to switch speeds, too, and I'm not sure what speeds the EM406 supports). Please don't double post.
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