Was out at the hobby store to see what i'm sure everyone has heard of before, the gaui 500x and it doesn't look that bad.  But I do have a few quick questions before I bite the pricey bullet.  A.  are there any other almost ready to fly kits that pack up as nicely as this in it's own bag?  I've found a bunch of frames but the basic kit seems eluding plus this one doesn't have all the obvious bells and whistles of a aruducopter.  Any advice or suggestions to something that will pack light to motorcycle to south america would be appreciated.  ;-)

B. I've read that people are starting to develop stuff to have cell phone operate the quad or control whatever right?!  I know there are obvious limitations in distance compared to a proper controler.  Any serious contenders in this area?  If I can cut my radio loose from traveling, would be a great benefit.  :-)

Thanks in advance.


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  • Hi Ivan,

    Hoverthings are working on a foldable H-frame version, Droidworx have a professional grade foldable available now, and I'm working on my own for the same reason. Check out My Project



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