Hi Everyone:

                     I am just starting with this. I would like to know what equipment I would need to set up a System to do Aerial Photography and Ortho Photography plus the software to process them in a scale that could cover say 400 to 1000 has.

Any ideas or links to pre built complete kits or I should start building everything from scratch?


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hi, I've come across few products which can do exactly that, such as the GATEWING X100 (bit expensive), or the SENSEFLY SWINGLET...

Would also love to hear of any other product that can take orthophoto. Has any one come across any such thing built around the APM?



If you just want to stitch images, the best & easiest software to use is Autopano Giga which is $200 or $300 or so. There's a free tool called Microsoft ICE that also works quite well. Neither of these programs do ortho correction. Keep an eye on Dronemapper.com, they have some ortho correction software in the works that should be very affordable and excellent quality. They're also implementing digital elevation mapping and 3d modeling and the early results are very promising.

For a complete kit check out my site, Event 38.com. That will get you up and mapping about as fast as you can hope for. Building a plane yourself is also a possibility. I would recommend the Skywalker, it's a great platform for mapping since it has so much room inside and can fly for almost an hour slowly and steadily.

I'm glad to help if you have any questions, good luck!

Jeff, I agree dronemapper seems promising. Nice RTF E382 you have on your site, based on the (famous) skywalker with APM2. Few questions though, how do you attach your (or any other) camera at the bottom of the plane ? Do you have a special mount for that ?
Also do you have aspecial setting programmed in arduplane that would automatically and regularly take an ortho picture during a mission? Or does it still need the pilot to take the pictures manually from the remote ?
Finally, do you setup the path through the conventional Mission Planner ?
Thanks for any feedback, well done in all case, no doubt that your plane will interest lots of people.

The cameras simply rest in the bottom of the plane and are held in place by the walls. It works quite well. I use CHDK to snap pictures automatically at a set interval and then optionally to turn the camera off to protect the lens during landing.

The path is set up using the mission planner. However, if I'm mapping a small area I often just fly the plane around manually if I can cover the area in under 10 minutes which is quite often the case.

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