Beginner Build From Scratch - Where To Go From Here

G'day All,

I'm looking for a little guidance on my long-standing project that is a quad-rotor built from scratch.

I started the build a couple years ago as a final project for my highschool engineering course. Researching what all I would need and how to put it all together, I tried to build a quad-rotor from scratch with no prior experience what-so-ever, building and designing both the frame and flight controller myself with only partial success. After graduation I left the project on the back-burner to pursue other goals, and I've only recently gotten back to it years after the fact.

I've upgraded from the custom-built frame and flight controller, and I've got everything back to a point of partial functionality, and I was hoping someone could help me figure out where I've gone wrong.

Let me give you a rundown of where I am:

Frame: Hobbyking S500 Glass Fiber Quadcopter Frame

Flight Controller: Naza M Lite GPS Combo

ESCs: XXD HW30A Speed Controllers (Cheap combo pack - came with the motors)

Motors: XXD A2212 1000KV Motors + 10" 1045 Props

Battery: Hobbyking 3S 3000mAh 30C LiPo

Transmitter/Receiver: Hobbyking 4 Channel Transmitter/Receiver Combo (Nothing fancy)

Test flight information: Arms properly, but the esc's are out of sync. Potential calibration errors with the flight controller - motors don't always spin up together on a flat surface. Full throttle does not reliably get the system into the air - battery drains within a minute.

The idea was to make the build cheap and reliable, and I had no idea what I was getting into, but now I'm so close to having this thing working, I need to know where to go from here. I'm really trying to address the issue of the system not getting airborne, and the battery draining almost immediately under load. I shouldn't have to go full throttle to see some kind of lift. 

Is it too heavy? Is the battery too small? Am I using the wrong motors or props? Also, what would be the best way to address potential programming issue with the ESCs?

Any input on the matter would be greatly appreciated - need a little help here.


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