I'm thinking about filing for a 333 exemption. I've seen a few services, with varying prices out there. I was just wondering if anyone else has looked into all the companies and what their experiences have been. 

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At uasexemptions.com, we are new to the game, but are extremely economical starting at $249 for DIY vs $300+ and completing the process for you starting at $499 vs $575+. Our templates have been reviewed by lawyers, pilots, and aerospace engineers and offer additional add-ons such as aircraft registration, form templates including permission forms, flight logs, etc. , and mandatory on-site document binders. Furthermore, we have legal services on-hand and a money-back guarantee. 

We plan on expanding the site to offer memberships for online record keeping and reporting services with accompanying iOS and android app to replace the static on-site documents. These services will have flight logs that interface with log files, etc.

If you have any questions you can send me a PM or email me at administrator@uasexemptions.com

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