• I am wondering this as well, I am a beginner an my goal is to 3d print a drone and fly by FPV for photos. As this is my first build I as well am trying not to break the bank. But was wondering what experienced pilots might think between the 3DR PIXHAWK or the NAZA M. Or should I be considering something completely different? I think I want GPS and barometer for hovering, GPS return to home, definitely FPV view, not sure what else a beginner would need. Any advice is appreciated. 

  • Hi,

    please see autopilots comparation - exactly for survey missions

    Most precise were Pixhawk + PX4 firmware and new DJI's (Phantom 4 etc).

  • MR60

    Best flight controller is Ardupilot running on any compatible hardware, no doubts (you have a very large choice of flight controllers' hardware that run Ardupilot such as Pixhawk, Pixracer, Edge, Pixhawk2, CUAV, etc).

  • Your more than welcome to send one over and we'll give it a try. I'm the owner of T-4 Production. I'm starting a YouTube page where we will be reviewing and giving the pros and cons. The difference is we are not a sugar coat site. With that said we will give props when it's due. One thing I definitely plan on shooting and showing is my crashes. I'm a long time pilot and I'm very skilled...with that said, I have the amazing luck of drones malfunctioning. So far we have 6 or so episodes in the can and I'm right in the middle of 2 builds. One is a Tarot 690 converted to a Hexacopter. We're doing something real cool with the motors but I can't decide on my flight controller. We have another Tarot 690 converted to a 760 but still a quad. We want to see if the 2 extra motors really make a big difference or can I power this quad up to beat the hex? Anyway I'm not a fan of clean flight and beta flight. 3 D Robotics is hit and miss. We had a Solo malfunction and we got their lack of assistance included in the episodes. But we're definitely feeling the same strain everyone else is with the amazing difficulty to connect with Pix4 and Arducopter. Then there's the great Walkera. We put a Scout X-4 and a Tali H 500 to the test. Results... Walkera are guaranteed to do only one thing......fall right out of the sky. however we have an Iris plus that went great and a bunch of other episodes that we hope will be great. I'd love to put your flight controller to the test. Hope to hear back. My email is

  • TopXGun said:

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  • It depends on your needs. Far too general a question to get a proper answer.

    A Phantom 4 may fit the bill for you. If you want dynamic cinematic shots then a 3DR Solo with a GoPro may suit you. If you want something closer to professional quality then an Inspire 1 with X5 camera makes sense.

    Many pros use a DJI S900 with Wookong FC and whatever Zenmeuse Gimbal that fits your camera (but the new A3 from DJI is supposedly good).

  • The download section on the website only proved downloads for ios and android. Where is the PC download? I would like to see the GC interface.

    Also will you guys be supporting planes in the future not just coptors?

    *edit* nevermind, I just saw your prices, how do you plan on competing with the likes of 3dr if your prices are 5-10x as high for a made in China product.

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