Best folding propss for multicopters?

Hey guys I am trying to find the best folding props for my quad. I am using 4114 330kv motors. I got some cheap plastics on there right now. I got them originally just to get me by until I could find something that performed better. I am looking for something that is carbon fiber and something around the 15 inch range. I am using 15x5.2 currently would like to stay at that size.

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  • Those are pricey. It would cost me like 150 bucks for 4 propellers. I have never used propeller that cose that much. I think i would cry if i ever broke Why such a price difference between the cheaper ones that are like 20 bucks a set? I just dont see why someone would pay that much for blades. But then again i have never used a set like that.

    They look nice and i read they come balance so thats cool but it is not hard to balance a blade. If you are paying that much extra for balancing i dont see the benefit. What else is there
  • Hi Tyler,

    Although I don't use folding props on multi's myself I would look at both the folding hubs and props from KDE direct if I were you.

    I do use their motors and they are of excellent quality and design.

    They have an excellent reputation and started by producing top quality upgrades for Helis.

    They have 15.5" in both double and triple blade.

    Best Regards,

  • No one??

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