Best IMU unit for my Autopilot Project....


Hi Everyone,


I m searching for best IMU unit for contructing my own autopilot system, with following features:


  1. cost effective between $100 to $150
  2. 3-axis accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer
  3. low weight
  4. Easy to work with, i mean it should require less affort to connect with autopilot system.
  5. and other good features that you think necessary for IMU and autopilot system

So please suggest me some IMU unit names. I have also searched for IMU sensors and found 2 IMU, 3 space sensor and MPU-6000 manufactured by YEI and invensense respectively. Also review both of them if you want and tell which one is good.




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  • A good new IMU is the Mongoose by for 115 $US incl. shipping.


    In addition to ADXL345  triple axis accelerometer, ITG-3200 triple axis gyroscope, HMC5883L triple axis magnetometer it has a BMP085 barometric pressure sensor.


    It also has USB, and a lot of pins to connect additional sensors to.





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