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Could somebody please advise what would be the best developer's platform for high end R&D purposes, such as autonomous flying, running ROS packages, multi vehicle testing? I am currently considering either 3DR Solo or DJI Matrice 100. Money is not an issue, but I really need an on-board computer, very stable platform, and an SDK. 

I've been comparing Matrice vs Solo and seems like DJI has full support for ROS, which is really great. 3DR, however, does not have any documentation on how to integrate ROS for their on-board yocto linux distro and their support team said it's not coming any time soon... Also, I am aware about Erle copters, which is not an option due to very poor stability. 

Would be great to hear feedback from someone who was developing on Solo or Matrice or any other platform. 


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    Running ROS is dependent on the onBoard computer you are running, You can use a RapberryPi/Odroid/Tegra etc for that. 

    see but there's a lot on that site that should help.

    The matrice is $3000, out that's going to hurt when you crash

    There's any number of cheaper platforms that are available

    Solo is an interesting choice, but it expensive also, and it doesn't fit your 'multi vehicle testing" requirement. It's also very new, so not so many examples of how to use the onboard linux computer, but there is documentation here

    • Thanks for your reply. It would be best to get off-the-shelf package because the project time constraints require me to focus only on development rather than tinkering with hardware or DIY kits.

      'There's any number of cheaper platforms that are available'

      Do you mean the 3DR complete kits? Can't really find anything from Ready to fly category. 

      Another thing worth mentioning - last month I was in an exhibition (UK) where some transport companies where showcasing UAV uses. All 3 of them were working with Matrice 100. 


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