Best source for airframe parts?

Not sure this forums is the best spot for this question but I don't see a better one...


I've been doing some basic research so I can start working on a Drone once I complete my Thesis.  I'm expecting to go with a quadrocopter variant since I don't have much room for flying an airplane in my area so I think most of what I'll be needing is thin aluminum framework and similar.


Does anyone have suggestions as to the best low cost source for such parts?  Preferably online...



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  • That is called a propguard and is up on the developers list for the arducopter...

    Sit tight, won't get cheaper then the arducopter...
  • 3D Robotics
    We'll be releasing a complete ArduCopter quad kit in a month or two. It will be cheaper than making it your self...
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