best way to just get pitch data from arduimu

i would just like to send only pitch angle data from arduimu to another arduino


my understanding of code is poor


i would like to know which of the following pieces of code i need to load onto the imu board to achieve this task?


which piece of code do i need to modify to send only pitch data?


ADC.pde2.3 KBr46Mar 05, 2010deweibel
Compass.pde2.0 KBr40Feb 18, 2010jjulio1234
DCM.pde9.5 KBr48Mar 21, 2010deweibel
GPS_EM406.pde5.8 KBr49Mar 24, 2010deweibel
GPS_NMEA.pde9.8 KBr128May 16, 2010deweibel
GPS_UBLOX.pde8.7 KBr128May 16, 2010deweibel
Output.pde8.8 KBr132Jun 03, 2010deweibel
Vector.pde806 bytesr1Nov 14, 2009j07rdi
arduimu.pde19.0 KBr132Jun 03, 2010deweibel
matrix.pde513 bytesr1Nov 14, 2009j07rdi
press_alt.pde6.0 KBr53Apr 23, 2010deweibel



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  • Developer
    If you are truly only interested in pitch AND the IMU will always have it's X axis aligned with its motion (this is the general assumption in the DCM code and why it works for airplanes but not for helicopters) then no, you do not need the gps to get good pitch information.

    If you are trying to reduce the size of the code you can delete the gps files, the pressure altitude file and the compass file. However, you may need to patch the code a bit to compile with these files absent.
  • Get the ArduIMU+ V2. Load up arduimu.pde and the rest of the files will load automatically. The GPS while not absolutely necessary, supposedly helps with centripetal force corrections in dynamic situations. It all depends on the type of application you have in mind. If you have a static application - you can save a lot of trouble by just using a tri-axis accelerometer.

  • additional questions

    is the gps required for the DCM to work if i only want pitch attitude?

    which ardu-imu would be best suited to my need?
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