Best Way to Mount APM2

I am looking for advice on how to mount my APM2 board.

I plan to first put it on a Bixler with a Bixler-electronics chassis purchased from the DIY-Drones Store and then later on a Tri or Quad copter.

In looking around I think people are using foam tape because I believe that reduces vibration.  My natural tendency (though I believe wrong in this case) is to use plastic spacers with nuts and bolts on the four corners via the holes directly to the plastic/fiberglass.

What are you using and how does it work?

How about 3/4" x 3/4" x 1/4" Neoprene double sided adhesive foam tape here?

McMaster-Carr is a little pricey sometimes but they are very fast (next day no extra charge for me) and reliable so I like using them.

Thanks in advance for your advice!

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  • Jonathan, Zach, Thanks for the posts.

  • I use 3 nylon screws onto my case, although that is taped onto the airframe with double sided tape. kinda the best of both worlds. imho


    My apologies that is for a APM1 but should work in any case

  • Check out this thread.  I am experimenting with different methods, but a few people report the "o-ring" setup as the way to go.

  • 22000 Members and nobody will offer friendly advice as to how to mount their APM2... What if I say Please?

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