Binding Transmitters/Receivers

I have been offered a RadioLink R12DS receiver as a gift.  In any write up I have read, the statement "This receiver can only be used with a RadioLink transmitter" (or words to that general effect) appears.

I am operating an FlySky-i6x at the present and i note that it operates an AFHDS (2A) spread spectrum.

Is there a member of this forum who has more knowledge than I of the subject who can offer an answer to the following question, (as I would like to take up the gift offer and not disappoint the giver.)  Buying an RL tx just to use the RL rx is taking things just a little too far!

Q.  Are there any steps I can take to bind the  FS tx and RL rx so that a positive link can be established between them for safe operation ?

Thanks in advance to any member who can offer an answer .   Ian Munro 

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