Bixler 3D Model

Does anyone have a 3D model of a Bixler or Bixler-like airframe?  Or maybe just the front of the fuselage? 

I wand to model some Add-ons for it like maybe a Go-Pro holder and other snap in accessories for my planes and them have them printed or laser cut.  I intend to make them form myself but I would happily share the designes if others wanted the add-on too.

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  • I made one.

    It doesn't give details to the internals, but the outside should be very accurate

  • Hello for a long time.

    Are here someone still interested in for pocket camera camera mount for Bixler? I have done some versions without 3D model for Olympus Tough TG-320. Currently camera is static facing front or side but mount version 2 with PAN function is almost ready. Plane and some images could be seen at my friend blog: Scroll all the way to 13.3 and you'll see it.

    On version 3 camera stands on reinforced servo. This version is designed with Solidworks. Version 1 you see in image is scanned before assembly if someone like to use it. 

    If someone is interested to participate, please let me know. 


  • Okidoke, got the top down and side views sorted,
    Will be able to get the front view once I have made the 3D model,


  • Is anyone still after a 3D Model of a Bixler?
    I can get one done in around a week if need be?

  • Hello Chad,

    Did you find or created Bixler 3d model?
    I'm able to model it with Solidworks but Plane needs to be sliced first for geometry scanning. Any other measuring method which could be transfered in to jpg or dxf or other format works also.

    My Bixler will carry Canon Ixus 220 on some day when mount is ready.

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