Does anyone have a 3D model of a Bixler or Bixler-like airframe?  Or maybe just the front of the fuselage? 

I wand to model some Add-ons for it like maybe a Go-Pro holder and other snap in accessories for my planes and them have them printed or laser cut.  I intend to make them form myself but I would happily share the designes if others wanted the add-on too.

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Hello Chad,

Did you find or created Bixler 3d model?
I'm able to model it with Solidworks but Plane needs to be sliced first for geometry scanning. Any other measuring method which could be transfered in to jpg or dxf or other format works also.

My Bixler will carry Canon Ixus 220 on some day when mount is ready.



I never found one so I modeled a very basic representation of the center Fus/Hatch where I was putting my electronics/cameras that way I could design my chassis to hold my stuff.  You are welcome to the model though it is very basic (see picture).  The model is in SolidWorks 2010 (I am using SolidWorks 2012 now but at the time I had 2010 and I don't think I have opened it since).

I tired scanning the plane using "reconstructME", a pc, and an XBox Kinect which was really fun but didn't really give the results I was hoping for.

Cameras on planes is even better than"Snakes on Planes"

Hope this helps, let me know if you want the files.



Your model seems to be good template for modeling all geometry in front of the wing. I have SW2010,2011 and 2012, so it should be openable here.

It would be kind if you send it to me. When my version is finished I share it for everyone.


Here is a zip file which contains the models I have of the fuselage/hatch.  Hope you can find this useful.


Assembly opened fine. I'll use this as starting point for camera mount design during dark winter. Thanks!

Is anyone still after a 3D Model of a Bixler?
I can get one done in around a week if need be?

If you make one I would love a copy.  I have completed my project for now...but if you make one let me know.

My project is still waiting for free weekend. I really like to get copy also. When camera mount for Bixler is done I'll share it for sure if someone needs it. 

Mount will be designed for camera which allows RC trigger. Perhaps CHDK hacked Canon.

Sounds interesting Henri! could do with a decent trigger set-up

Okies guys, ill get on it!!
I will post latest updates here, in the way that, the first bunch will be outline style ones in low poly. As I get more time on it, I will keep updating higher res versions =]

Sounds like you are modeling plane with some other program than Solidworks. I attached screen capture which represents file formats that are possible to open to Solidworks 2011. 


Yep, i'll be using a Max/Maya combo.And yep I will export it in as many formats as possible including Solidworks.

Will also see about getting some "plan/blueprint" renders =]

Hey all, 
Just working on the orthographic plans before chucking in to 3D
I am working off photos online and reference for whatever I can, so they may be a little skew!



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