Bixler max throttle in auto mode

Would there be any benefit to reducing the max throttle position?  When I am in auto mode and the plane is moving to another waypoint ( and possibly a new higher altitude) the throttle seems to go to max.

I suppose this is good, but it really decreases the battery time!  Can I reduce the max throttle and if so would it help any as far as flight time?

thanks for any suggestions.. 

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  • The current Bixler PARAM file setting is currently set at 75% throttle.   I don't know about you, but I can launch with only 50% throttle and maintain and fly at around 20% throttle.   I currently fly a Bixler ARF stock with a 6x4E prop upgrade.

    I've modified my THR_MAX parameter to 50% and am thinking of reducing it further to 40%.   The original setting of 75% made by Bixler very "jerky" in performance and fly at a much higher rate of speed than the glider performance I would like.

    Here is my video I used to help tune my airframe.   Please notice that when I enter "Auto" or hit a fence breach the throttle goes up to 50%.

  • Developer

    in auto mode there is a throttle override above half throttle. this was to beat wind etc. i usualy leave me throttle at 0 while in auto.

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