Twice earlier this winter, I have had a go wit my quadcopter,and both times I went home with a damaged copter due to a blade snapping in mid-ait during easy flying or hover. Since the temperatures were arounbf -10 degrees C, I thought this could have been caused by the plastic in the propeller becoming brittle by the low temp, so postponed further flying.

Today I went for a flight again, and the hover in stabilize was quite good, suddenly a blade just snapped and the copter fell to earth. This time the temp was around 0 degrees C, so I dont think the temperature could have any influence. These were all cheap ebay propellers so I guess that the quality is just too bad, but could anyone advice some better props? I need the bigger 12x4.5 ones as I have the motors with larger kv.

Anyhow it puzzles me that the props are so bad that they are really not working, they were all balanced as well, anyone with a good explanation for this?


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If your quad is heavier or you are doing aggressive manevaurs,  you could be stressing those blades to ultimate failure.  it's a known issue with those EPP, chinese, etc blades.  They tend to work best with lighter quads.  I never had one fail in flight, but you could see them bend under load and have "stress" marks.  

 Go with the 11x4.7 SF APC or 12x3.8 SF APC props.  Much better quality and strength.  They even can sometimes survives crashes, better balancing as well.  The 12x3.8s have much more area than the 12x4.5s, so you may need to re-tune your quad after the switch.

Had my first prop break in flight yesterday after many, many flights, quad was about 5m high but I managed to land (just) without damage. Using the cheapish 10x4.5 props from Goodluckbuy. Temperature was about 25C. Quad weighs 1.3kg. Must be the props themselves, presumably made from cheaper plastic, as I wasn't doing any sort of aggressive manoeuvre.

Was the reverse pitch one too (always is!), think APC are a better bet. Have broken 3 expensive Gaui props too but those were either in a flip or striking something.

Don't mind if a prop breaks in that situation but to have one break in flight is really bad.

FYI, I think my 12x4.5 also was bought from "goodluckbuy", seems the sellers name is quite on the spot for these propellers :)

Not sure what to use now, these APC propellers are expensive it seems....and have only found hem in UK stores, are there any sources for  reliable propellers that are recommended 

Had a second prop break this afternoon, this time not so lucky. Quad came down from about 6m, landing upside down onto grass (thankfully). Broke the other 3 remaining props, destroyed the CD spindle cover and base that everything was mounted on but everything else is fine!

Lesson learned - DO-NOT-USE-CHEAP-PROPELLERS, especially NOT ones from! Will try find APC SF props in normal and reverse pitch.

3DR has the 11x4.7 SF in stock, pusher and standard.  Aeroquad has the 12x3.8 SFs in stock, Pusher and standard

I found APC 12x3.8 SF at lowpricerc for $3 CW and $4.6 CCW, so bought 4+4 hopefully they work better.....

I had a look at, they have APC Slo-flyer 11x4.7 pusher but no 11x4.7 normal? Same for 10x3.8, also they have no 10x4.7.

3DR shows 10x4.7, price $8 for two (pusher & standard).

Aeroquad shows 10x4.7, $8.50 for two (pusher & standard).

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