I look through this forum and I think all posts are from 2009 so i hope BlimpDuino is not old hat.  As I am new to all things 'Duino" and all of RC I have a couple of questions: How can one test a servo without hooking up to the board?

I'm pretty sure I toasted the one that came in the kit. As hard as I tried to NOT get a drop of glue on the shaft I think I did. 

Also, when I looked at the sketch files after I unpacked the .ZIP I see there are pde's for all of the electronic parts.  Is there any documentation on use of these codes to test individual parts.

All in all this has been a very enjoyable project.

ken wood

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Blimpduino is still very much supported. It's a finished product and out of beta, so that's why you're not seeing active development posts.

If you need another servo, just PM me your address and I'll send you one.

Those individual .pde files are not for the individual components (although it may look that way). It's best to just load the code, and keep the FTDI cable plugged in and watch the Arduino IDE serial monitor to see the output from the various sensors.
Thanks Chris,
I will order a servo with some other stuff i am ordering. I certainly don't expect you to pay for my screw-ups.

Thanks for the quick reply. My wife is bugging me to get this blimp in the air. Guess I have a groupie. :-)
Ken Wood
Any ideas when kits will become available again, either here or through MakerShed?
Probably not until 2011. We're redesigning it...
Can you give us a any info on what changes/improvements the new one will have?
Maybe we could have something like this :

See this web-site.
We're looking to improve the SLAM sensing. We're evaluating the Evolution Robotics Northstar sensors
Will the old model be upgradeable? Parts and code I would think.
If I had my way the base plate plastic would be a little firmer and the gear to servo interface needs to be fixed.

What's the status of BlimpDuino? Where can I buy one??


Regards, Terry King

...In The Woods in Vermont, USA


We're going to be releasing a new blimp in the new year. The original Blimpduino is no longer available. 

Do you have any spec available?


We'll announce the specs when we announce the product.

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