Blitz Super Sky Surfer 2.4 mm

I have one myself and have seen two on youtube that seem to be flying well I hope to have mine ready for spring will post build and maiden and testing in the spring now finalizing data collection mode and final equipment selection

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  • They are great FPV platforms. Be very careful of how fast you fly though, they develop control surface flutter and when the control surface is deflected fully, the corresponding wing tip or the horizontal stab can flex the opposite direction causing the plane to respond exactly opposite of the intended control input. I've seen two crashes from that issue and there are videos showing the control surface twisting the wing in the opposite direction. The magic speed appears to be around 60 mph; keep it below 55 or so and you should be fine. Some folks are beefing up the control linkage but the control surfaces themselves are quite flimsy so stronger linkages may help some but the control surfaces will still flex outboard of the control horn. Bottom line, it is made to fly slow and just float around catching thermals and enjoying the view. At least that's what I do and I've never had any trouble with mine. It has an APM 2.5 with uBlox GPS, FatShark Predator V2 FPV equipment and it does have the 3DR airspeed sensor with the combo pitot tube. Beware, the pitot tube needs to be taken apart and sealed at BOTH ends to stop the air from leaking between the two systems at the front where the tube is pushed inside the aluminum nose piece. After doing the repair as outlined somewhere here on DIY Drones mine works perfect. Hope you have fun with it.

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