Bluetooth AHRS for Manned Aircraft

I have been working with the Ardupilot setup since just before APM 2.0 rolled out, but haven't really ever gotten deep into the stability and control code and processing from the 9-dof sensors.  I am starting a new project, where i would like to pull data from 3 sets of 9-dof boards, take a vote for redundancy, and then send the data via bluetooth to a smartphone AHRS. This would allow a relatively inexpensive, yet reliable way for non-instrumented aircraft pilots to get themselves out of emergency situations (like i had last fall when i was forced to bail out of a glider in the mountains for fear of spatial disorientation.

My biggest problem is (being an aero/controls and not so much programming) guy, how much interdependance do the sensor feeds have with eachother and other sensors (Like GPS correction for heading) that would prevent me from cutting and splicing the code? Would it be possible to just cut out the calcs i need from the current AP version?

Thanks in advance!

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