Hello, thought I'd have a play at communicating with my apm2.5 over Bluetooth. I have a ftdi BT card that I had previously used on a multiwii board. Is there any reason it won't just connect and work on the APM. Next question, is there any threads or documentation around covering the communication protocols/data passed around? Was going to try and write something to read/write back but not sure where to start looking? Any pointers appreciated.


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Thanks, looks very similar to the one I have. Just dug out my galaxy tablet, will try downloading the android app once it's charged up.
Can't get not bt module to communicate with apm 2.5, I'm assuming the baud rate is wrong, default on module is 115k, looks like I need to set it to 57k but how?

Oh and connection wise I have cross connected the tx to rx and rx to tx between apm and bt module.

Thanks, I've managed to get the openpilot bt utility mentioned in that wiki to recognize and change settings on the bt module (I was getting pretty frustrated getting any of the other serial terminals progs to work for me). frustration has turned to elation that I seem to be making some progress.

It's late so I'll hook it up tomorrow and try it out. Hopefully some trial and error to match the baud rate to the telemetry port on the apm2.5.

Thanks very much for your help.

ooohps, seem to have bricked my bt module, tried setting it to 115k which worked fine, set it back to 9600, which worked fine, tried to set it to 56K, said it worked but can't reconnect now on any rate, have tried them all...


Ordered another one...

I tried but no luck. The android tablet sees the bt module and pairs as expected but I can't get the android app to make a mavlink connection to the apm. I'll give it another go. I'll try it again while I wait for the new module to turn up. I've also been looking around to see if there is a way of changing the telemetry port speed on the apm.

Tried it again and this time got it working, maybe had a loose connection last time, result :)

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