Hello everyone I am trying to setup a bluetooth bridge to use droidplanner on my smaung tab 3. I currently have my bluetooth module set to 57600 baud rate. From my understanding I have everything soldered up to my ground telemetry radio to get a serial output instead of USB. I have it soldered according to this diagram.

With RX-RX and TX-TX connect up to the bluetooth module.  When I connect the bluetooth to my tablet in droidplanner I am not getting any data. Is this diagram correct in the right pins to solder to on the ground radio? Also is it possibly to pair two air radio together instead of using a ground radio since the air is simple serial out?

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I'm not familiar this particular setup (I've only used an FTDI cable for firmware updates on the first gen. 3DR air radio) but I do know that if you want to connect a USB device like a 3DR radio (or the above, I'm sure) to either a Galaxy or a Nexus you will need a proper OTG cable.  A standard USB cable will not give you the correct connections.

My understanding the OTG cable does not work on the samsung tab 3 7" that I have.

I am following this video on wiring. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_xMyuM1QQo

But since I do not have the 3dr radio it does not have a serial out port. So I am needing to solder directly to the radio board.

Aha.  I went back and watched Part I of his series -- I didn't realize the the Tab 3 was unable to host USB devices even with an OTG cable.

Are you able to pair the Tab with the HM-TRP?

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