Board Orientation Issue

Has anyone had issues orientating the board in certain vertical positions?

I am trying to place the board with the front pointing up and the top of the board facing the right wing. pitch90 and pitch270 work fine as well as most of the states but ahrs_orientation states that place the board vertical and contain a second orientation (Roll90Pitch90, Roll90Pitch270) act as if no board orientation is selected. I have tried different combinations of power cycling and leveling the APM to no avail. Sometimes when leveling, error "Failed to level : ac2 2.0.37+ is required" appears.

Have tried with two different APM 2.5.2 boards, latest firmware (ArduPlane V2.74b), mission planner 1.2.75.

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  • I also plan to orient my board "roll90°", so basically vertical. Where do i start to make that possible?µ



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