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Hey guys,

 Wondering how many of you guys are using your UAV's for making your own orthomosaics and point clouds. I want to get my feet wet into this but don't want to spend a ton of money into a commercial UAV as of yet. I went to sensefly and saw their demo and it is a nice system but a little expensive for someone not getting paid. I have a few projects I want to try out as a proof of concept, they don't even need to be extremely accurate. The phantom vision II will fly way points and grids autonomously but will it take geo tagged pictures? Is there anything else you guys might recommend to get started in this?


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  • the E38 drone looks great! Does anyone know why mission planner software has a grid/camera function but the new APM mapper does not?

  • If you are thinking of a multirotor, I would better go for a F550 with the datalink for waypoints. You can carry some more weight (and a better camera), and with the hexacopter you gain some more stability. Plus, don't be fooled by the 25 minutes a Phantom 2 can fly, when you load your camera, FPV, iosd, and datalink, your flight time won't be any better than the F550.


    As far as I know, the Phantom 2 flying with waypoints is still not happening, and besides that, the GoPro or Vision camera won't geotag your photos. Of course you can get some results, see for example http://www.paulillsley.com/airphoto/systems/Phantom/ but there's no control on flying paths, so no control on photos overlap.

    My opinion...

    Digital aerial imaging and mapping with a Phantom Quadcopter

  • E382-LR, by Event38.com, is an excellent UAV for photogrammetry option.

    Just make contact to they, Jeff Taylor is his founder.

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