Bug with dual monitors... (workaround)

Short story...

   MP kept coming up on a non-existant 2nd monitor when I switched monitor setups.

Long story...

   I switched computers from a dual monitor setup to a single monitor.  I had switched setups and computers by cloning the hard drive to get another computer up and running.  After the switch MP wouldn't load.  I uninstalled MP and reinstalled the latest version.  MP wanted to use the non-existent 2nd monitor.  I tried right clicking on the bottom bar, hitting move, and dragging it over (that usually works), but to no avail.


   I ended up editing C:\Program Files\APM Planner\config.xml and setting <MainLocX> and <MainLocY> to zero.  That worked!

   I'm not sure how to fix this bug, but at least a search will hopefully find this workaround.

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  • had the same problem and had to drag it off the second monitor each time before closing so i could use it on a single monitor

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