Hi all

So, I am looking to upgrade to a bigger system. 

I have been looking around at various options that makes sense to me, I like the Mavrik for a couple of reasons. One it's made in South Africa, where I live.  Two, it would be substantially cheaper, even though it's priced in Dollars, the conversion makes sense as I will not be buying from a reseller and paying import fees etc. 

The build quality looks fantastic. However, I can't afford to buy the ready made version, but I could buy the make it yourself kit. I do realise i'll still have to buy some add ons, though. 

What I wanted to know is how difficult is it to do the build yourself? I am not the most technically minded person on the planet. Yet after reading a lot of content online, I do believe that building a drone would help me learn a lot about drones. 

So If anyone has any ideas or tips on the process. A list, videos or is will to help me, I'd appreciate it tremendously. 

I do know they have launched the Flare, which seems nice, but I'd like something with a decent lift capacity. 


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Hey, in the long run its always a good idea to build it yourslef, initially you will spend a bit more money and time (dependa on how well you do it first time) but you will walk (fly) away with some much needed experience that will help very much moving forward. Its reallg not that hard just need to get things done in tbe right order and tripple check everything. We have a build manual you can use to guide you through the setup and Jon, our support tech can also guide you along the way. There are many other great frames and builds out there, but obviously im going to say ours kicks ass ;)

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