Hello Everyone,
My team is planning to start a service of delivering packages in rural villages of Nepal .We have estimated that we would need to build a drone (fixed wing or rotor wing) with following specifications :

1. UAV platform that can fly with a sensor load range of 1.5 kg to 2.0 Kg [Cameras and Payloads (Health Packages); weight of the vehicle is NOT included here]
2. Flight Control System: GPS for accurate positioning the vehicle
3. Payload mount: With automatic tilting system so that the payload can be dropped at desired locations
4. Ready to Fly (RTF): For manual control and flight.
5. Wind resistance: For better for stability of the vehicle in high hills of Nepal.
6. Way point Navigation System for Autonomous flight
7. Flight Distance: 15-20 Km (Remote Villages of Nepal)
8. Battery type and rating: Battery with higher mAh available (For longer flight time).

Could anyone  please suggest what lists of hardware should we purchase so that we can meet our objective ? We are planning to do the assembly work on our own. Thank you in advance.

Note: We plan to do this project with a very limited budget.So i am expecting the recommendations that helps to make a best as well as cost effective system.

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