Building a UAV from scratch

Hallo everyone!

I just spent quite alot of $$$ on raw materials to build my Quadcopter from scratch. I imagine that I have nearly all (if not all) the materials required to build my UAV. Is there anything missing on this list?

I ordered these today and they will take around a month or two to arrive. The reason why I would like to confirm I have all the parts is so I don't have to order new parts (and wait another month) once they all arrive. I haven't bought a controller board as I plan to program my Arduino Mega 2560, I am under the impression it can be accomplished? I have basic programming skills in python and MATLAB. I also plan to program a PID controller ( I have a relatively decent idea as to how they work). Is there anything I can do at the moment with my Arduino Mega whilst I wait for the parts? Any advice on how I should proceed regarding programming the Arduino or anything else will be greatly appreciated!

The materials are:

4x Turnigy 2217 20 turn 860kv 22Amps

4x Turnigy Plush 25 amp ESC

1x PolyMax 3.5mm Gold connectors

2x 10x4.5 Black propeller (2 pack)

2x Turnigy 2200 mAh 3S 20C Lipo pack

1x Turnigy Accuel-6 80W 10A Balancer/Charger

1x Lipo Voltage checker

1x Turnigy 9X 9Ch Transmitter w/ Module & 8ch Receiver (Mode 2) (v2 Firmware)

1x HXT 4mm Gold Connector w/ Protector (10pcs/set)

1x Universal 12-way 120A Multirotor Power Distribution Hub W/LEDs & Dual BECs

5 x Male Pin Headers for Arduino Raspberry Pi and breadboard protot

20 PCS JR Futaba Spare Part 3 Pin M/F RC Servo Extension Lead Wire

8 of 20X Mega2560 Uno 6 Pin 2.54MM Stackable Long Legs Female Headers

HXT 4mm to 3.5mm 6-Wire ESC Power Breakout Adapter Cable for Hexacopter

1x Seeedstudio Grove - IMU 9DOF v2.0

MEGAshield KIT for Arduino MEGA 2560

1x 5V 5DOF GYRO IMU (probably not needed)

P.S I also plan to build the frame from aluminum rods I find in my garage.

Thank you !

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  • hopefully you scratch build a UAV soon. Don't forget to post images.

  • Looks like you have what you need for a great journey into the world of quadcopters, have fun!, I might suggest getting an aeroquad shield to make things easier, but on the other hand it seems like you enjoy building from the ground up.

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